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A Sister NGO of the Landmine Relief Fund

Who Are We?

The Rural Schools Support Organizations is a Cambodian NGO dedicated to supporting the rural and underserved people of Cambodia. A sister NGO of the Landmine Relief Fund, RSSO has initiated projects to build, supply, and maintain 27 schools across rural Cambodia and to bring relief to those suffering from food insecurity due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

RSSO is a constantly expanding and evolving organization, adapting to support those most in need. You can read about our different projects, and find links to their respective websites below!

Rural Schools Village Program

The Rural Schools Village Program (RSVP) is a Cambodian NGO that builds schools in rural villages that have no access to education. We then continue to support the schools by providing school supplies and paying teachers.

So far, RSVP has constructed 29 schools- supporting 118 teachers and over 3,100 students. We are continuously growing and supporting Cambodian education one school at a time!  

At each school we provide a toilet and a well, often the only one of each in the village. An improved quality of life, and the power of education can do wonders for these kids. We also make sure our teachers are sufficiently paid so that they can stay working at the school.

RSVP has also funded over 30 university scholarships to students in need since 2009. 

You can read more about RSVP at it’s website here!

The Together Project

THE TOGETHER PROJECT (TTP), founded in 2020, is an organic teaching farm in Bakong (30 minutes outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia). 

The farm has a hydroponic greenhouse, netted greenhouse, mushroom house, and a schoolhouse. The Together Project is teaching school children and villagers how to build and operate these systems (hydroponics, mushroom house, etc.) The farm makes its own natural fertilizer and pesticide alternatives; it is 100% chemical free. Everyone who comes to the farm is taught these practices. The Together Project is also teaching people to grow crops alternative to what is typically grown in Cambodia (rice, corn, cassava). The farm grows lettuce, kale, broccoli, cucumber, melon, and much more. 

The Together Project’s ultimate goal is to recreate this farm, in whole or in part, at the 29 schools built by Rural School Village Program. As of 2023, The Together Project has built mushroom houses at two local schools. 

You can read more about The Together Project at its website here!

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