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Who are we?

The Rural Schools Support Organization (RSSO) is a Cambodian NGO dedicated to support the country’s rural and underserved communities. This mission is achieved through a plethora of projects, but are assigned to and carried out by our two programs. We invite you to read about each program below:

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Rural Schools Village Program

Read more at RSVP's main website:

The Rural Schools Village Program (RSVP) specializes in building schools in rural villages that have little to no access to education. The program provides ongoing support to every school to ensure their vitality: from providing school supplies to supplementing wages for teachers to installing toilets and wells wherever necessary.

Currently our team has constructed 32 schools with, in total, 114 teachers and 3,796 students (as of March 2024). We are rapidly growing and impacting the community, one school at a time!

Not only does the team support primary schools, but bachelor’s and master’s students as well; since 2009, RSVP has provided 30 need-based scholarships with the help of our individual donors and, notably, Landmine Relief Fund and the Ramsey Foundation.


The Together Project

THE TOGETHER PROJECT (TTP), founded in 2019, is an organic farm located in Bakong – 30 minutes eastward from Siem Reap – whose purpose is to serve food-insecure and underrepresented backgrounds, fulfilled by teaching farmers on-site and educating local students through its Mushroom House project. 

The farm is split between four parts: a hydroponic greenhouse, a netted greenhouse, a mushroom house, and a teaching facility, each of which serves as means to our hands-on education. The farm creates its own natural fertilizers and pesticides. Everyone on the farm is taught these practices and, notably, teaches to grow crops uncommon to Cambodian agriculture: like lettuce, kale, broccoli, cucumber, melon, and much more. 

Learn more about the program and its current projects on its website.

Read more at TTP's main website below:

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